Akande absolves Buhari, blames woes on faulty system

Adeyinka Aremu, Osogbo

Former National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Bisi Akande has blamed the Nigerian woes on the faulty presidential and federal systems being operated in the country. He says the solution lies in parliamentary democracy.

Chief Akande said this at a media parley marking his 79th birthday in Ila town in Osun, South-West Nigeria.

He said many good intentions of President Muhammadu Buhari would remain as “mere dreams” as long as the expensive and faulty presidential l system of government is retained.

Asked on the kind of advice for President Buhari to contain the killings between farmers and herdsmen in Benue and Taraba states, Akande admitted to Buhari is his good friend, but blamed the system of government on the myriads of challenges facing the country.

Akande recalls experience

Akande recalled his experience as governor of Osun state, when he had to make over 100 decisions that would affect several human lives per day, and yet, the control of key machineries of government to back up his decisions were never within his reach. He thereafter suggested a multi-party parliamentary democracy, saying the system would address most of the challenges facing the country.

“As a member of Constituent Assembly that drafted the 1979 Constitution, I voted for parliamentary system of government, but more members of the Assembly voted in support of the presidential system.

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“In Nigeria’s presidential system of government, lawmakers are elected on party platforms, but as soon as they get to the parliament, the party on which platform they get the opportunity, becomes less important.

“All that is important at that level is the collective interest of the members of that parliament. Party’s programmes and manifestoes are no longer important. That has been the major problem facing the country. Let’s dump this corrupt presidential system and go for the more transparent parliamentary system.

“As a governor in 1999, my administration worked with a parliament that has 26 members all voted in on the platform of my party, despite this, the assembly decided not to support the programmes of the party that gave the them opportunity.

“They served me impeachment notice. On the day the motion was moved, 24 members all from my party voted in support of my removal, one voted against it and the Speaker did not vote.

“I was given 21 days. On the day they sat again on the matter, 13 said no to my impeachment and 12 said I should be removed. The Speaker did not vote. Same party that produced the lawmakers, also produced me as governor. I believe, even if an angel is sent to administer this kind of unworkable system, he will fail”, Akande said.

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APC celebrates democracy icon

Meanwhile, the APC, in a release signed by the state Director of Publicity, Kunle Oyatomi has congratulated Chief Akande on his grand achievement at 79.

“It is to the credit of Papa Akande that APC was nursed until it was given birth to in 2013. We had to depend on his wisdom and political sagacity in putting together parties of different orientations into one cohesive family that we are today.

“Besides, we celebrate his uncommon wisdom, which was not appreciated by some,  at the time he was governor, in placing this state in a firm foundation administratively.

“Also Papa Akande will be treasured for his statesmanship which cuts across party lines and has brought him to the forefront of national leadership.”

The party wished Chief Akande many more glorious years of selfless service to the state of Osun and the country at large.

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