APC and Its First Big Fight after Marriage


Predictably, the first fights are petrifying things. When conflict arises in a once charming relationship, it always gives way to improbability. Nevertheless, the first fight can, in fact, be a positive thing; a defining moment in a marriage that actually makes things more solid.

In the early days of falling for each, days when ACN, CPC and ANPP fell in love. Everything was always rosy then when they were wooing the nPDP and APGA (Okorocha group) were on their best behaviour.
While still immersed in the getting-to-know-you stage, APC Senators and Representatives tend to bend their expectations to the absolute limit of their tolerances.
They were more forgiving of the things that may later bother them. On the other hand, the minute a comfort level has been reached in form of sending PDP to relegation and there is some level of security in the union, which come in form majority in both the red and green chambers, which tolerance level shifts back toward an individual’s real life base line. At this point, the first fight is almost certain.
The 2 years marriage is more established now after the clear victory at the #Nigeriadecides2015, party members start showing their spot-on behaviour. The best manners honeymoon stage came to an end with May 29th inauguration.
The sudden shift from best behaviour of once loyal party members to the normal behaviour of fighting dirty and blackmailing can be a bit of a shock for the teeming non-card carrying members of the Nigeria public.
Before the election or coup in the national assemblies, I was one of those Nigerians that assumed that APC will get over the in-fighting, one thought it would just be like what my people call ‘Ija Omo Iya Meji’ but events that follow proved many of us wrong- get resolved by family members.
Yinka Salaam, a journalist of repute with Voice of Nigeria posited that ‘with the emergence of Saraki and Dogara, it presents a real test of democracy to the leadership of the party. It is a good thing that this is coming early enough. It is, of course, a real test of the master strategists in the APC.
If they could survive the merger, they should be able to survive this; and if they survive the teething problems, they will most likely survive the first four-year tenure. Now they know they can no longer underestimate the strength and the scheming machinery of the opposition.
Many Nigerians came to realise that in Nigeria politics; there are no sides, there are only interest, ACN voted for Tambuwal , PDP voted for Saraki and Dogara, history has a painful way of repeating itself.
Yes, the big first fight has happened. The way the leadership of the party manage this fight is what will determine the future of APC and the common sense revolution.
Olanigan Ibrahim, a Nigerians Tech guru based in Finland was curious that if the NASS power tussle is a sign that ACN as party wouldn’t be as influential in the Parliament as PDP was? However, Ibrahim Lanre of Unilorin speculated that APC does not have an antidote to their poison.
When the National Publicity Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Lai Mohammed on reacted during a call in interview in programme on Channels Television tagged Sun Rise Daily;  “How can we achieve the desired change when PDP has taken over the leadership of the Senate; Bukola Saraki is tactically PDP, Ike Ekweremadu is a full blown PDP, while David Mark is the Senate leader.’’
Many Nigerians believed that lamenting  that the PDP which was supposed to play a credible opposition in the 8th Assembly, has hijacked the assembly and stressing that the PDP’s lawmaker was poised to be a clog in the wheel of progress, to the desired change Nigerians yearn for, through the APC will not be taken as a valid reason to rob Nigerians of the change we voted for.
There would be no excuse for failure. Popola Kayode, a Nigeria postgraduate student based in Saudi Arabia advised that ‘Lai should stop talking like opposition spokesman; he is now spokesperson of the ruling party.
Despite that, many Nigeria youth supported and debate strongly in support of Saraki’s right to vote and be voted for as Senate President, they reacted with absolute shock on the action of Saraki and his team in the manner that saw become Senate President.
Some constitutional lawyers had advanced that the process by which Saraki emerged as the Senate President is unconstitutional. Some other Nigerians considered it as immoral and treacherous, and it must not be supported by anyone who believes in due process and rule of law. What type of people celebrates that type of behaviour as political sagacity or practical understanding except for ill-behaved people?
The name and influence of the National leaders of APC Senator Bola Tinubu had being thing of public debate have the NASS election. Nevertheless, it must be said that Jagaban is a master strategist, no doubt about that. He was the foremost face of opposition in the country.
He is a major backbone in the victory of PMB, When Atiku, Kwankwaso and others contested against PMB, Jagaban stood by him. It is on record that South gave PMB block vote at the primary. Left to Atiku, the ‘I don’t have dollar and if I have I will not give’, would not have worked.
Conclusively, Nigerians expect APC to resolve this tussle for the soul of the party as fast as possible in other to put PDP back to where they belong, the ruling party should stop behaving like the opposition party. Lead and let PDP follow. Nigerians cannot wait to start seeing major CHANGES.

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