Digital ad spending finally Dethrone TV

In 2017, worldwide digital ad spending finally beat TV. Digital ad spending reached $209 billion worldwide while TV ad spending stood at $178 billion this year, according to research by Magna Global, the research arm of media buying firm IPG Mediabrands. And the upward trend in digital ad spending is likely to increase, reaching a possible $348 billion in 2022, while TV could stall.

Digital ad spending of $209 billion worldwide represents 41 percent of the market in 2017, while TV’s $178 billion is 35 percent of the market.

Bear in mind that this isn’t because TV ads are cratering — TV ad spending is still flat or slowly growing, depending on the year. And in most cases big TV advertisers have yet to move much of their budget over to digital, even though Facebook and Google are working hard to make that happen.

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But you can expect that gap to keep growing: Next year, Magna expects digital ad spending to grow by 13 percent to $237 billion, while TV ads will grow 2.5 percent to $183 billion, thanks in part to one-off events like the Olympics and the U.S. mid-term elections.

By 2020, Magna expects digital ads to make up 50 percent of all ad spending.

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