Dogara’s Released Payslip: Abdulmumin Jibrin raised doubts over the authenticity

Abdulmumin Jibrin, the embattled Member of House of Representatives that was suspended recently has raised doubts over the authenticity of the payslip released by the Speaker of House of representative, Hon. Yakubu Dogara in quick response to the challenge and alleged blackmail by the Governor of Kaduna State, Governor Nasir El Rufai.

Jibrin took to his twitter handle to make his view know on the issue. ”I will make few comments on the response of Speaker Dogara to El Rufai and as usual using the institution of the House as cover 1-12. As regard NASS budget, I completely agree with paragraph 9, 10 and 11 but will raise issues on paragraph 5, 6, and the pay slip.

”The statement failed to address the call by Nigerians and majority of members for Mr Speaker to disclose details of our internal budget. Beside salaries, allowances and running cost , no member has details of about 20 other expenditure heads captured in Namdas statement.

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”I am aware majority of members feel terribly embarrassed and are presently insisting on having access to the internal budget of the House. The details of INEC budget does not just “exist else where”. The NASS scrutinizes and approve details of INEC budget every year. Mr Speaker, you know that NILS HQ is not completely funded from NASS allocation but part funded by FG under service wide vote.” He tweeted. 

He further tweeted that ”If Mr Speaker is saying ‘ budget disclosure’ commences 2017, Nigerians will never see details of how a trillion was spent in last 10 years? Its no favour to Nigerians disclosing details of budget. In fact, it is a criminal offense to refuse even members copy of their budget.

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”If what I saw is the authentic pay slip of Mr Speaker, it means I earn more than him from what I see in my salary statement of account. I have requested for my pay slip from NASS, I will publish it and my monthly salary statement of account. Perhaps I have been over paid. I have so much comments to make on 2017 budget which I will release before the budget is transmitted to Mr President, God grace.” He submitted.

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