Energy Architecture Performance Index 2017: Nigeria Ranked 110th in the World

Energy Architecture Performance Index 2017 report shows that Nigeria ranked 110th of the 127 countries ranked on their ability to deliver secure, affordable, sustainable energy. The country ranked 114th on the index of the  Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2015’, which ranks 125 countries on their ability to deliver secure, affordable and sustainable energy.


Top performers come in all shapes and sizes.This year’s list of top performers remains fairly stable against the 2016 cohort. Ireland (16th), Germany (19th) and the Slovak Republic (20th) are the only new entrants in the top 20.

European countries dominate the leader board. Switzerland (1st) tops the rankings for the third consecutive year, benefiting from a diverse supply mix, low-energy intensity and low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electricity production. 

Switzerland is followed closely by Norway (2nd), Sweden (3rd), Denmark (4th) and France (5th), cementing their position as the top five countries on the EAPI from last year (with France and Denmark switching ranks). Nordic economies have successfully balanced performance across each side of the energy triangle. 

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The 28 Member States of the EU (EU28) dominate the top of the EAPI, making up 14 of the 20 highest-performing countries and all sitting in the top half of the table, with the exception of Cyprus (67th) and Malta (71st).

Top performers share a number of characteristics. They tend to be smaller countries – for example, Switzerland (1st), Uruguay (10th), Portugal (11th) and Slovenia (13th) – which makes it comparatively easier to enact changes in their energy systems than in those of larger countries. Most of the highest performers are also advanced economies, defined principally as having a high level of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, diversified exports, and being well integrated into the global financial system (12).




The world’s biggest energy consumers are being outperformed. Major energy consumers continue to struggle to take leading positions on the EAPI. While showing strengths in certain areas, and early signs of strong trajectories in others, China (95th), India (87th), Japan (45th), the Russian Federation (48th) and the United States (52nd) have either slipped in the rankings since 2009 or experienced only marginal gains.

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The performance divide between top-ranking countries and the rest of the table is growing.Compared to last year, the average increase in the EAPI score of the group of top-20 highest-performing countries is double that of all other countries. This growing difference in the magnitude of performance improvement between the two groups reflects a further strengthening of the energy sectors of countries that already perform well. 

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