Foremost Arabic Scholar, Sheikh Mustapha Zhuglol dies at 80

Sheikh Mustapha Zhuglol Sanusi the Mundeer (Director), Daarul Dawah Wal Irshad, Isolo,  Lagos,  one of the foremost Arabic Learning Institutes in the country passed away at late hours of yesterday at the age of 80 after a brief illness. He will be buried according to Islamic rites today.

Sheikh Zhuglol was a reputable historian in his own class. He was a student of the great scholar Sheikh Abdullah Adam Al Ilori.

Sheikh was born on 18 August 1937. He received his early education and training under the tutelage of his father Mohammed Sanusi.

At the age of 18, he enrolled at the Center for Arabic and Islamic Education popularly referred to as Markaz in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria under the patronage of the late Sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-ilori.

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He traveled to Lebanon to further his studies. He visited some of the Islamic countries, including Egypt, Syria, Jerusalem, Jordan, Saudi Arabia in 1960s. He was granted a diplomatic leave in 1967.

In 1970, the late Sheikh founded the Daarul Dawah Wal Irshad in Mushin, Lagos and in 1971, he moved to his new headquarters in Isolo.

He was the Director,  Principal, Teacher at the institute, also an expert on tafsir (Quranic exegesis), an historian per excellent, Preacher of repute well respected in the circle of Islamic and Arabic Scholars in the country.

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