“I Am Rohingya”: Reality documentary on the Rohingya crisis, ethnic cleansing release

Amnesty International has been documenting and exposing the violence and abuse towards the Rohingya minority in both Myanmar and Bangladesh for more than 20 years. Yesterday, Amnesty International and Contrast VR, an Al Jazeera Media Network studio, released “I Am Rohingya”, the first virtual reality documentary on the Rohingya refugee crisis and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

Last week, Amnesty International published satellite evidence showing that more than 80 villages in the Rakhine State of Myanmar have been set ablaze. Not satisfied with simply forcing Rohingya from their homes, authorities of Myanmar seem intent on ensuring they have no homes to return to.

“I Am Rohingya” gives a glimpse into the life of a Rohingya Muslim, Jamalida Begum, and her two children in the Kutupalong refugee encampments in Bangladesh. Jamalida is one of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who have escaped atrocities in Myanmar and are now in limbo, unable to be resettled or return to their homes. The film depicts Jamalida’s current living situation in the refugee camp and her resilience in the face of adversity.

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We need your help put an end to this ethnic cleansing by sustaining global pressure on Myanmar to stop these atrocities. Please watch and share this important documentary” Amnesty International submitted.

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That same week Amnesty International said the statement by Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s office, which claims that the government is defending all the people in Rakhine state “in the best possible way”, is unconscionable.

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“This is a human rights and humanitarian catastrophe. In her first comments on the crisis, instead of promising concrete action to protect the people in Rakhine state, Aung San Suu Kyi appears to be downplaying the horrific reports coming out of the area,” said Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International’s Crisis Response Director.

The Myanmar authorities’ restrictions on international aid in Rakhine state is putting tens of thousands of lives at risk in a region where mainly Rohingya people are already suffering horrific abuses from a disproportionate military campaign, Amnesty International said.

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