Nigerians Blast Amosun for the ‘Imported’ Candidate Remark

…Say Gbenga Daniel, Amosun and his Deputy Governor imported

Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, on Tuesday like his Oyo State Counterpart who declared that he will soon name his successor, declared his intention to support and actively campaign for a Governorship candidate from the Ogun West Senatorial District as his successor in 2019. However, he got his fans and friends on social media when he warned against ‘Imported’ Candidates.

A statement that was allegedly referring to Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, popularly known as Yayi, a Senator currently representing Lagos West at the Senate who hails from Yewa of Ogun West Senatorial District and believed to be perfecting all plans to contest in the Ogun 2019 governorship race.

The Senator who has never hide his ambition and has garnered the support of some groups and individuals and his supporter would not be shocked by the statement of the Governor which is one of the series of hostility towards Yayi according to one of them.

The opinion of an ‘Imported’ Candidates was discounted by these people that there is nothing like imported politician in a democracy. And Governor Amosun was encouraged to create a level play ground let the will of people prevail if he is a true believer in democracy. One of them insisted that the governor statement showed he is jittery of Yayi’s popularity.
 “This is the most ignorant statement I have come across in recent times. If typical Ogun State Indigenes suffer from short memory, I take exception. The same Amosun that imposed Imported politician like Gbenga Daniel on us a little over 8 years back. Shame” Tobiloba Abayomi Ogunbayo said.

Osinowo Ibrahim was quick to remind the governor that his Deputy by that definition is also an ‘Imported’ Candidate. The governor is a joker and deceptive human being… He picked his deputy from Lagos civil servant, sponsored OGD (Otunba Gbenga Daniel) from the same imported city, he was protected by the same Lagos when OGD almost killed him…. He should mention anyone he has empowered his present appointees or previous once like me…. He should just wait for the time.

Kolawole Adekunle said he probably referred to Tinubu boys as imported Politicians e.g. Mamora, Yayi et.c. As a governor, one of your responsibilities is to create level playing ground for all contestants, let the people decide who govern over them.

“Even Amosun and Daniel are imported candidates in 2003 in Ogun state while Amosun wants to put his own candidate to covered all mis-application of Ogun state money used by his government, i know EFCC is watching with keen interest” Bakare Numero-Uno Simeon said.

Lucky Pee maintains that it is rather too early to start discussing 2019 while they are yet to deliver on the current mandate. “

I think is too early to start campaign for anyone now when the Governor is busy doing the rightful things for his people, I mean serving them diligently as ever, but when the time comes he will surely direct us who to work with, because we all want a good continuity like him and his team, and I believe he and his team will definitely want someone that can take the state to another great level like themselves.” he said.

Yomi Shogbolu posited that “What is his business in who represent them. He should allow democracy to decide who becomes governor.”
“Amosun’s deputy was she not imported from Lagos now he is saying people should not support imported politician. Yayi ni o” Michael Oluwasegun wrote.
Omooba-Orun Abiola Idowu But the Governor imported the current Deputy Governor from Lagos State.
Ronke Adelakun said “See kettle calling pot black. This Governor Ibikunle Amosun can’t stop amazing and amusing me. He is claiming that our Principal Senator Olamilekan Adeola is “Tekobo”(Lagos returnee ” Can somebody help me ask him where he returned from?”
Another person while insisting that “Who out of you know what tomorrow can be, so why fighting against 2019? Don’t make God angry with you people.” said we still have 23 months before the election. And everyone should Let’s wait and see what will happen comes 2019.
Aremo Adeniran Salau sSubmittedby saying “The Deputy Governor should be ashamed of sitting with Amosun when the road to your hometown Ago Iwoye, Ijebu Igbo road is not motorable and is the worst route so far in Ogun State when the Governor is embarking on unimportant bridge construction in Abeokuta…Shame on you ma”

By Ibrahim Ola Balogun

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