Saraki Saga: Don’t Break the Senate Mace

As the Nigerian Senators resurface from their stretched and vastly disparaged recess today, Tuesday 29th September 2015, many Nigerians anticipate an uncommon session and bolt from the blue. Some Nigerians are speculating confrontation or a total showdown as there are indications that Senators that are opposed to Dr. Bukola Saraki’s leadership of the Senate are all set to ask for his resignation when the upper federal legislative chamber re-opens today. Supplementary signals reveal that both anti-Saraki Senators and those supporting the Senate president are poised for a showdown when they return to the chambers.  The embattled Senate President Bukola Saraki will surely have to exhibit exceptional political and legislative expertise to survive the session today.
The pelting of the Senate President with stones and sachet of pure water at the Eid Adha praying ground in Ilorin, Kwara State capital; Saraki political dynasty stronghold should be a pointer to the embattled senate president that things might not be unflappable as they were. Some Nigerians had suggested that Saraki should know that it is time to do the needful. And yet some others had some of the following questions to ask.
What is the best option available for the Senate President?
Is Bukola Saraki morally fit to occupy the office of the Senate president and preside over the affairs of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during this era of total war against corruption and corrupt office holders based on the allegations levelled against him by the Code of Conduct Bureau?
Is it proper for Saraki to be facing trial and at the same time presiding over the affairs of the Senate?
In a bid to restore the integrity of the upper chamber, should a senator standing trial for corruption be allowed to continue to preside over the affairs of the senate?
Do you still support a Senate president whose “enemies” are mostly members of his All Progressives Congress while his “loyalists” are from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party?
In the Sane Republic
In the countries of the world where the government and the people of the country are genuinely interested in anti-corruption war, the Senate President would have done the honourable thing.
Ashok Chavan, the chief minister of the central Maharashtra state, and Suresh Kalmadi, the organiser blamed for the messy preparations for a Commonwealth Games in India’s ruling Congress party were forced to resign from high-profile posts amid corruption allegations, in a rare example of accountability in a country where graft is endemic. Amid corruption allegation!
Rep. Aaron Schock, a 33-year-old Illinois Republican resigned after he came under fire for using taxpayer money to decorate his office and for billing his campaign for flights on private jets. After he was accused, he did not wait till he was sentenced. So also was the embattled Senator. Dean Skelos; long-time Long Island Republican majority leader, stepped down as Senate majority leader after being hit with federal corruption charges. Charges!
The Embattled Guatemalan President Otto Perez resigned after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest to face corruption charges, upending the political landscape three days ahead of general elections. Issued a warrant for his arrest!
The fact that some Nigerians are still saying they stand by Saraki after he had being alleged of corrupt practices, charged, issued a warrant for his arrest and docked  is an symptom that some Nigerians had entrenched corruption as a way of life in Nigeria that is the reason they still come out and supporting Bukola Saraki. In a civilized society, he did not need anybody or anyone to tell him to resign before he does the needful. As for those senators that were in the court with him, they should be facing the recall by now.
NASS not new to Stormy Session
The Nigeria National Assemblies are not new to Stormy Session and Nigerians are familiar with the scenes. The Senate had a rowdy executive session for about two hours on Senator Musiliu Obanikoro screening when former President Goodluck Jonathan nominated him for appointment as ministers after the incident of Ekitigate. A rowdy session was witnessed as the same 7th Senate passes 46 bills and approved Buhari’s request for 15 advisers in 10 minutes. So today anticipated rowdy session will not be exceptional as much as we make sure that no one break the mace or use it to hit any other senator. As I welcome the Senators back to the chamber, I encourage them not to embarrass themselves, Nigerians and the nation any further.
O de ba Olugbon, o muu mora, O de ba Aresa, o muu mora, O de ba Owarangun aga, oun naa mu mora ni, Kii Ba ni a yeri. Senate Presidents had come and gone. O de ba Evan Enwerem, o muu mora, O de ba Adolphus Wabara, o muu mora…o de ba Bukola Saraki…Ki o ya mu mora ni ooo

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