Opinion: Stop Insulting PMB, GEJ Cannot Be His Benchmark

Definitely not, this is actually disconcerting, condescending, and objectionable. Each and every time the Jonathanians who are yet to give up their activism, the political detractors, the return of good governance cynics, the ethnic chauvinists and some ex-Buharists grumble about some of the appointments made and some other decisions of PMB.

So far, the diehard Buharist will quickly jog their memory and call their action to what happened during the GEJ or the previous administration.
When one recalled these people argued that PMB must to go public with his assets declaration as guaranteed during the campaign or when they hastily demanded for the appointment of ministers, PMB advocates told them to grow up and allow him to keep an eye on due process in his splendid quest for reliable and skillful people across the country.
When they insisted he has not done anything substantial since May 29 and blamed him for the role played or not played during the ongoing NASS leadership tussle, or claimed that Amina Zakari is too close to home;
When they ask Nigerians to pray for PMB over the renewed and expanding Boko Haram bombing of Churches and Mosques that had stretched beyond the North-East, North Central and North West; when they spitefully accused him over the previous closing date for BVN registration and the invitation of the Deputy Senate President by the police over a case of forgery and many others…. in short, at whatever time they say PMB did this or that, some of Buharists speedily contend that ‘GEJ too did it…’
They might even come up with a long list of appointments of GEJ and say that, although it might be wide of the mark, PMB is not culpable since GEJ, their superman did it.
Now what I find disturbing is that some of us did not get the memo or come across the news of when GEJ administration turns into the reference point for those who asked for CHANGE and voted for it.
Since when did GEJ become the benchmark of governance and appointment in this country? Stop insulting our intelligence by comparing PMB to GEJ.
The slogan was change not continuity. Since PMB did not campaign with ‘I will continue with what GEJ is doing…’, then it will be irresponsible to insult PMB and all those who led the common sense revolution.
PMB is better than that. Are these supporters saying PMB should learn from GEJ and adopt his style in the appointment or what?
Yes, criticizing PMB on that basis is quite rash. For instance,  his one-month performance has been encouraging. His step by step shakeup and streamlining are remarkable.
His move and strategy on war against Boko Haram had brought hope to millions of Nigerians.
His anti-corruption aura is already having multiplier effects in many agencies and ministries.
Even some of the former Jonathanians are now getting converted. They are now accepting PMB into the lives!
Our debate now should be quite poles apart from that of the election period. This is the time for nation-building.
The oppositions need to be more organized and be proficient in carrying out their role as the censors for the government.
They must ensure that the interest of the country is considered paramount in all their censures and criticisms.
While there is a need for Nigerians to be more supportive of the government, it must be established that calling the FG attention to the renewed killings by the ungodly group, Boko Haram should not be seen in bad light or politicized irrespective of the quarters the outcry is coming from.
Advising PMB on balancing appointments in the interests of national cohesion and concern is not bad in itself but what is condemnable is making mountain out of a mole.
Like one of my colleagues at #Changemonitor puts it, ‘…there are still hundreds of appointments to make, so appointing eight Northerners out of the nine appointments so far made should not cause any wahala or masala for now since there remain hundreds of appointments to be made in the coming months.
If we must enlighten the opposition, we have to be moderate rather than condescend to the level where we bring up bad cases as justifications. We must understand that they are just beginning to adjust to the reality of becoming the opposition overnight.
Some of their grumbles stemmed from the traumatic shock resulting from their poor outing at the 2015 general elections. So, let’s carry them along compassionately and understandingly.
And for the progressives, we must also not commit the mistakes the Jonathanians committed. They used to applaud GEJ on all of his policies, actions and inactions.
Hence, by saying, GEJ did it, so PMB can or should also do it; you are definitely not supporting PMB. You are rather insulting him and millions of Nigerians who voted for Change.
Ola Balogun is a policy analyst and social commentator

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