The Uncommon Clamour for Change

What Nigerians have gone through in the last 55 years were so much that many observers wonder if Nigerians have any breaking point. Most countries would have resulted into civil war. But Nigeria and Nigerians always survive. Nigeria survived the civil war, survived many clashes, survived June 12. SAP broke Nigeria but an average Nigerian is survival and the country is full of survival stories.
All the challenges enumerated so far and others not mentioned were the main reason way some misinformed researchers and mischievous analysts posited that the country known as Nigeria will not survive beyond 2015. Was the postulation wrong ? No.
But what they didn’t factor into their analysis is that Nigerians are great people that will manage and find a way out even when pushed to the proverbial wall. They never saw the common sense revolution and the general clamour for change coming. Nigerians could not bear it any longer yet they didn’t choose blood revolution.
While one may validly argue that a fifty-five-year-old nation is still relatively young, the same argument may not hold for a country as blessed as Nigeria, considering the amount of strides so far made by a nation so much endowed in abundant human and natural resources.
But that notwithstanding, it is heartening to experience a fresh breath of air that trailed the ‘change revolution’ at this critical period, just as it is imperative for all and sundry to ensure that the new revolution produces real and total change that was bargained for during the highly contested election that unseated the incumbent president.
And before the elected officials and National Orientation Agency start demanding our loyalty and patriotism, let them be informed that the demand must be a two-way traffic. When a country cares about its citizens and it citizens reciprocate with loyalty and patriotism!
Equally, this government should know that as they preach patience to the men who are hungry, those who do not have access to portable water or power supply,to those who lost their breadwinners on the death traps call road, to the unemployed youths, the neglected pensioners and the upright civil servants, they should equally understand that the concept of hitting the ground running means changes that are noticeable as early as possible in the life of the administration. 
To be continued…

Next stage is….The Way Forward…Walking the talks

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