Tope Aluko deserves a character transplant

When a self-confessed perjurer reunites with the man he had earlier referred to as Judas and did a 360-degree turnaround as forecasted by one of Fayose’s aides to declare that he has a lot of respect for the man who had also earlier referred to him Judas, then one will be influence to advance that the man needs a wholesome transplant of character. If this truce was expected to disintegrating the case of perjury against Aluko, then he might be disappointed.

Nigerians had witnessed with utter disappointment series inter-party exodus among the Nigeria political class. If Shekarau, Ribadu could decamp to PDP under President Goodluck Jonathan, Tom Ikimi returning to PDP after losing out of the bid to becoming the chairman of APC, Saraki romancing the PDP in his bid to becoming the senate president and then the recent return of Osoba to APC have become the reoccurring gloomy feature of daily political news broadcast. 
Nevertheless, the case of Dr. Tope Aluko is a dangerous case of political recklessness, moral bankruptcy and outright condescension for the Nigerian people especially the so called highly intellectual people of Ekiti.
Nigerians watched with downright shock as Dr. Tope Aluko claimed on a political programme, Politics Today, on Channels Television, in February that Ekiti state’s chapter of the PDP convinced former President Goodluck Jonathan to part with a huge sum of money and direct the military and other security agencies to cooperate with the party to ensure the party wins the election at all cost. 
While the man was using his media travesty as a form of negotiating stratagem, the embattled former secretary of the PDP in Ekiti State insisted that former President Goodluck Jonathan gave the governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, several millions of dollars and military support to help rig the 2014 governorship election in the state. In short he confirmed #Ekitigate after witnessing under oath that the election was bereft of any malpractices.
The last shred of respect for the man disappeared when Fayose said that “Aluko remains my son, my boy… whatever he has said, it is time to move forward” , while he stands.  With the recent happenings in Ekiti, the elders of the state need to tackle moral deficit.

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