What Went Wrong …Giant in Slumber 2

In a swift twist, the country and the oligarchy politicians switch into wastefulness in the Midst of Poverty mood. The government’s expenditure portfolio became bloated and developmental policies sidelined.

Just as the former CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi put it “I don’t know how many people know that 70 percent of the revenue of the federal government is spent paying salaries and overhead; leaving the rest 30 percent for 150 million Nigerians”. Yes, is that my guess too, there is no money for provision of infrastructural facilities by the various tiers of government. 
Thus, after fifty-five years of independence,  the country still large infrastructural deficits.
Little wonder, young, brilliant, vibrant and agile college graduates roam the streets with little or no opportunities and with no resources to go abroad – so what options is left for the less privileged. Due to the of noble ideals, Nigerian youths have resulted to various methods for survival. Just like in the jungle, it now the survival of the ‘smartest’.
And what is the effect of all these? Social maladies- Agent of Death (Eru Ikus or Area Boys) in the South-West, militancy in the Niger-Delta,  misguided religious anarchist in the North, endless cycle of violence in Jos and Kaduna and a kidnappings gradually engulfing the entire South.
Nigeria is at present, suffering from erosion of basic principles. Noble qualities such as Ethics,  Integrity, Sense of Responsibility, Respect for law and order, respect for the rights of others and love of hard work as a sure path to success are fast disappearing from the society. Sound characters as punctuality, honesty, self-discipline and moral uprightness have become somewhat strange values and are getting hard to come by.
Regrettably, plethora of Churches and Mosques couldn’t bequeath necessary morals and morality to citizenry. Corruption pervades the land and the seas. Pastors turn out to be crooked, share podiums with the dishonest, flirt with prostitutes, defile minors and anoint corrupt politicians. Mallams too act as ‘spiritual’ consultants to fraudulent politicians and fetish pastors.
As if those were not enough, the traditional rulers, the custodians of our cultural heritage, confer chieftaincy titles on same corrupt leaders and wicked politicians, who often times, engage in ritual killings. And the masses who should condemn and resist these destructive tendencies in communities praise them in return.

And what about the youths, the hope of tomorrow? They simply accept the norms, take to immoralities, celebrate them and sing them to high heavens in the most despicable tone and obnoxious tunes. The society thus endorses the recklessness, pervasiveness of wrong attitude and erosion of societal values that appear easier and profitable than advancing dissenting voices.
Consequently, calling attention to moral debauchery with a view to condemning them necessarily turns one to an outcast. We’ve got to a situation of: No one for the Country and No Government for Anyone. Nigerians were pushed to the proverbial wall.
In the midst of all these anomalies emanated a sharp and loud yell for change. The clamour surged from millions of devastated and emaciated masses, already gasping for breath and using their ‘last life line’ to cry for help (for survival).
The cry of change was intense enough to make the ‘common sense revolution’ defeat multi-Billion Dollars electioneering campaign project. The masses, usually voiceless, latched on to the rare opportunity to ask for a total and all-inclusive change that was beyond merely replacing former President Goodluck Jonathan and the moribund transition programme with a focused and purposeful one.

One can only hope and pray that the CHANGE we voted for is not just change of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan but an all inclusive change that will touch all strata, sections and sectors of the country.
To be continued….

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