Why Nigerians may think twice before buying the new Apple’s iPhone 8

Apple’s iPhone 8 is probably the best gifts you can offer a tech savvy or lover of gadget in 2017. Most people said it shows elegant.

Nigerians are known globally for appreciation of class and aesthetics, hence Apple iPhone has a wide acceptable rate in the country. To Millennials, the gadget is simply a criterion of class and taste.

As a result, the majority of Nigerians with this age bracket will want to have one.

Improvement is considered a core feature of any technological tool hence, people seek to use this improved feature(s) to achieve their basic business or social needs.

“Lovers of gadget made by the tech company noted economic condition of the country as great determinant of their choice.”

This sacred fact is played by the tech companies to attract new and old consumers to buy a higher version of their products.

Will this gimmick hold this time for Nigerian iPhone users? Business Insider Nigeria surveys opinions of selected users of Apple products regarding their purchasing power and interest in the new gadget.

Most of them noted their awareness about the features offered by the gadget, but none is willing to forgo his/her current gadget for this product.

For one basic reason, it is too expensive for their status at the moment. Though its tentpole feature, wireless charging and its glass-like appearance make it very attractive. The economic condition, however, is inimical to their purchasing power.

“Having a wireless charging phone would add to my style and class. But that amount ($1200 – N438, 000) is a way too high for me,” one of the users noted.

The study also revealed that Nigerians are now attaching more preference to fulfilling basic needs, especially paying rents and valuable assets. Only one noted that he would consider spending such amount on vacation than having the gadget.

While majority consider the proposed features of iphone8, others who use it for business-related tasks cited durability and immunity against malware  as major considerations that may prompt them to consider buying it

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